About me


I am the first on the left side. I decided to display this picture because it represents my happiness for sharing the success with my friends.


I hold an MA in Ethnology and Anthropology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Currently, I am researching the field of design anthropology, design thinking and human-centered design which are tightly connected.  I am doing my own user experience research projects and collaborating with some of the industrial design students.

I organized numerous seminars on topics such as human rights, media, and visual anthropology. My major point of interest is social life of youth in the Balkans. I am also passionate about documentary film and photography, creative writing and non-formal education. This interests broth me many friendships with the filmmakers, photographers and writers with whom I often visualize my anthropological perspective on everyday life.

Download my CV

Contact: venesa.musovic@hotmail.com

Instagram. Skype: venesa.musovic


Follow me here.


Media work:

Portal Mladi – web editor and author


Kosovo 2.0 – corespondent


Creative writing for P.U.L.S.E. Magazine


Ecology global network


Koba Yagi Toys – web editor


Škrip! – author


B92 contributor during the Free Zone film festival  in 2014 and 2015


Vega YC – web editor, program coordinator


Okular – blogging



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