Short Documentaries

Small Talk is a short film, inspired primarily by the Prizren City Hostel, where the authors stayed for 10 days while attending the Creative Doc School ACTive. The hostel was a meeting point for a great number of people, coming from different corners of the world, exchanging experiences in an informal way, with a great deal of sincerity and helpfulness. The different ways of communication inspired the authors to try and observe the human relations in the hostel. By documenting the unpretentious conversations, Small Talk captures almost a struggle for basic human interaction in an age where all communication is mediated by technology.

Small Talk was created within the Regional Creative Documentary Film School ACTive.
ACTive is organized by Studiorum (Skopje), Pravo Ljudski Film Festival (Sarajevo), DokuFest (Prizren) and MakeDox (Skopje). The project is generously supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).

Film is a result of School of Visual Anthropology workshops held in Belgrade in 2011. Film research cultural differences and style of living of children and parents in the china town in Belgrade. This film was screened during the Days of Ethnographic Film Festival in Ljubljana in march of 2012.



Production: Pravo Ljudski Film Festival from Sarajevo

The film is a result of a spontaneous encounter between authors and a lovely old couple living in the small city of Krusevo. The main thread of this film is the energy, honesty and desire for life that Duško and Danče share. Closeness and openness between the filmmakers and the couple reached in a short period of time give ethical value to the filming process. The “love emotion” is what this short film is trying to communicate with the audience.


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